Deactivation using thermal method

The thermal method is used for disposal of solid domestic, oily and rubber waste, packaging waste, packing material, filters, plastics, etc. 

“Eco-Technics” LLP uses the waste disposal unit (burning of waste) “Forsage-2M”.

The waste disposal unit (burning of waste) “Forsage-2M” is designed for thermal disposal (burning) of solid domestic and industrial waste, including oil-contaminated waste.

This unit is capable to dispose the  following waste:

- worked out waste;

- hard domestic waste;

- oily wiping waste and filings;

- used sorbents;

- paper products;

- oil-contaminated waste;

- packaging waste and packing material;

- other combustible materials.

Structural features of the unit allow to burn the waste with caloric value till 5500 kcal/kg.

The waste disposal unit “Forsage-2M” may be used successfully both for scheduled periodic disposal of waste and in the process of mitigation of the consequences of different emergency situations. By means of high temperature of burning (about 1100°C) the complete decomposition of compound organic matters to primary constituents takes place in afterburning chamber. Content of pollutants in exhaust gasses is minimized. At that, practically complete combustion of waste tales place in the unit, residue in the form of ash equals to 3-5% from initial mass of waste depending on the composition of waste.