Deactivation using microbiological method

Microbiological method of deactivation of production waste is based on application of environmentally safe biological products “Rodotrin”, “Backoil” and “Neftedestructor-Kazbio”. These bacterial biological products are unique, and effectively work in those circumstances where other methods are not sufficient, and sometimes are even capable to do greater damage to the environment. Degree of treatment of hydrocarbon pollution is from 80 to 99%.

Biological products represent carefully selected combination of hydrocarbon oxygenating micro-organisms oxidizing oil, and successfully operating in natural and man-made ecosystems.

In contrast to various biological products which are operating only on the surface of the film, micro-organisms contained in those products are capable to be invaded directly into oil film stratum. And it means that those products are capable to decompose both soluble and insoluble oil components.

The process of deactivation by microbiological method is spread to decontamination of the following types of waste:

  • deactivation of process discharges of oil-producing and refinery ventures (oil slurries, lime sludge, bottom sediments, treatment facility sediments, etc.);
  • deactivation of oily waste (oil-contaminated soil); 
  • biological recultivation of oil-contaminated soils at different areas.