About us

“Eco-Technics” LLP is one of the fast-growing Kazakhstani companies providing services in waste management in West Kazakhstan. Having provided its clients the integrated solutions regarding the deactivation of oil contaminated waste, technical and biological recultivation of disturbed soils and recycling of waste the company contributes significantly to the solution of environmental problems and sustainable development of the region. 


Main methods used for recovery and deactivation of oil production and oil processing waste are physicochemical and microbiological ones. Corresponding works are carried out in compliance with approved process procedures and state license No. 002580 issued 02.02.2009 of Ministry of energy and mineral resources for the following type of activity: operations in mining and petrochemical production, sub-type of activity: treatment of oil contaminated waste, conducting process operations at oilfields. The company possesses the State Environmental Expert conclusion as per the design of Environmental Impact Assessment No. 4-003 dated 16 January, 2009, Sanitary and Epidemiological Service conclusion No. 3 dated 6 January, 2009.

In 2009 the company “Eco-Technics” has successfully passed certification and implementation of the integrated management system in compliance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007. The enterprise successfully carries out the Occupational Safety and Health Program, Environmental Protection Program that are directly used in the process of production activity.

The company undertakes to fully comply with statutory requirements in the field of quality, environment protection, occupational safety and labor protection, minimize the personnel health risks and hazards and permanently improve the Integrated Management System based on international standards and practices.

“Eco-Technics” LLP is aiming to be the leading company at Kazakhstani market in the field of providing integrated services in the area of waste management permanently extending the range of rendering services and improving the quality of work performed. The company focuses its attention on prevention of environmental pollution and constantly improves the technology of deactivation and recycling of waste.

Company’s personnel represent high qualified staff with high potential for execution of work.

Over a period of production activity “Eco-Technics” LLP has fulfilled the following works:

  • Works on transportation, deactivation and recovering of drill cuttings and waste drilling mud:

- Oilfields of PF “Embamunaigas” “RD KaMunaiGas” JSC (RDGZ)

  • “Kainarmunaigas”Oil and Gas Production Department;
  • “Zhylyoimunaigas”Oil and Gas Production Department

- “Stationary Drilling Platform “KazMunaiGas - Drilling” LLP

- “CNPC Aktobemunaigas” JSC

- “Admaco Drilling” LLP

- “Munai Service LTD” LLP

- “JV Matin” LLP

- “Arnaoil” LLP

- “Tandai Petroleum” LLP

  • Works on cleaning from oil contaminated soil and technical recultivation of PF “Embamunaigas” and “RD KazMunaiGas” JSC (RDGZ) oilfield areas

- “Dossormunaigas” Oil and Gas Production Department

- “Zhaikmunaigas” Oil and Gas Production Department

- “Zhylyoimunaigas” Oil and Gas Production Department

  • Works on removal and recovery of mechanical impurities of waste water mechanical cleaning unit:

- “Atyrau Refinery” (ANPZ) LLP

  • Works on removal of oil contaminated soil:

- “Caspiy Neft” LLP

  • Works on removal and recovery of oil contaminated soil using microbiological method.

- “Tengizchevroil” LLP